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We value you as a past, present or future client, friend or stranger that happened upon the site.  We want to pass on great "Perks" that we have put together just for you. 
Click on the "Perks" page to see all of the Perks that are available to you. Make sure you mention you found your Perk on to get the deals.

Just FYI: we gain nothing financially by providing these Perks to you.
It's our way of saying thanks and supporting our local businesses.

Can you Help Me Out? Click on the "Guestbook" page to tell us about the Perks you used and comment on the vendors who provided the Perk.

Want a Perk but do not see it on the list? Maybe we forgot about a preferred partner or you hit on something we need to address. Email Matt at and we will look into it.

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** Probably have to say this so we will say it. Restrictions apply. Just check with the vendor to see what they are. if any. This is not a coupon site, simply someone that got you some deals in the community and want to pass them onto you.
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